Black Bears Trade Blows On Suburban Los Angeles Street

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This ain’t something you see everyday.

If you see two bears fighting, you’d typically expect to see them going at it in the woods, the mountains, or at a national park…

Not in a residential area.

However, bear sightings in neighborhoods in California are actually pretty common. Just take “Hank the Tank” for instance, the 500-pound bear that was framed for breaking into multiple homes in the South Lake Tahoe area (it was a completely different bear besides Hank the Tank).

This fight occurred in Monrovia, California, just outside of Los Angeles, as reported by KTLA 5.

In the footage, you can see two brown bears brutally fighting, looking like two boxers throwing windmill punches at each other, all while fighting next to a car parked in front of a home.

Finally, the bears break up and one runs off, while the other stays behind and keeps its territory.

It’s uncertain why the two bears may have been fighting, as there didn’t appear to be a trash can or anything containing any source of food in sight.

Brown bears’ mating season typically occurs from mid-May to mid-July, so it doesn’t seem likely that they were fighting over a female, either.

Maybe the two are just arch enemies, and absolutely hate each other’s guts? That’s the story I’m sticking to for now.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock