Twitter Trolls The Hell Out Of Vegans Placing Roses On Top Of Steaks At A Supermarket To Mourn Deaths Of Cows

Roses grocery store vegan

It’s America, and the beauty is we have the freedom to believe whatever we want.

However, we also have the freedom to laugh our asses off at extreme vegans who go to some incredibly weird extents to protest meat eaters.

We’ve seen it before, especially with PETA. Like when they made that fake line of clothing made of “human skin” to protest turning animal skin into clothing, and even petitioning to rename the baseball term “bullpen” with “arm barn” because bullpen is offensive to bulls.

That being said, I kinda love the term “arm barn”… not gonna lie.

But needless to say, they’re by far the easiest group to make fun of.

I mean, these jokers…

A group of vegans walked into a supermarket, and decided to protest eating meat by walking to the meat section, and placing flowers on top of frozen steaks to mourn the death of ol’ Bessie from the farm.

I mean c’mon, do they genuinely believe that people are gonna take them more seriously by doing this? Do they truly believe they are helping the cause by making an absolute fool of themselves?

I just wanna know who the clown is that comes up with these types of protests, and the brainwashed people behind that person who actually think to themselves:

“Hey, that’s a great idea. We’re really making a difference out here?”

Nah, fam… y’all just turned into a meme.

This may be dumber than when the vegans walked into a store and started pouring out all of the milk to protest against drinking dairy:

And of course, Twitter did their thing and trolled the hell out of them too:

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A beer bottle on a dock