Slade Coulter And Ashland Craft Try To Move On From Devastating Heartbreak With Wistful New Duet “Lesson I Ain’t Learned”

Slade Coulter Ashland Craft country music

What a pair.

Slade Coulter and Ashland Craft teamed up for a new tune called “Lesson I Ain’t Learned,” and I absolutely love everything about it.

The production is extremely simple, and almost acoustic, which allows both of them to show off their gritty vocals that go so well together.

I mean, I could really listen to both of them sing the phone book and love every single second of it.

The song itself is a heartbreaker, too, in which they go back and forth singing about how, even though they’re no longer a couple, they just can’t seem to forget about each other.

They know they need to move on, but can’t seem to learn their lesson, as they constantly think about calling and getting back together, though ultimately, they know it wasn’t meant to be.

They harmonize so effortlessly in chorus, and it sounds sweeter than sugar:

“Baby, here’s to hoping I get over you
Nothing lasts forever
But how could I know better when you said it too
So quick to leave me guessin’
Like it was none of my concern
Maybe it’s a blessing now
Or just another lesson I ain’t learned”

It’s the first time they’ve ever teamed up as a duo in an official capacity, and I had a feeling it would be great, I just didn’t know I would love it this damn much.

And though I don’t think I would’ve necessarily put them together prior to this duet, it’s safe to say I would love to hear a lot more from them as a duo going forward.

I’m a sucker for a sad country breakup song, too, and this is one of my favorite’s I’ve heard in a pretty long while:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock