Grizzly Bear Gets Chased Out Of Pasture By Cow Herd Near Yellowstone National Park

cow heard bear

That bear ain’t wanted in those parts.

He best get to steppin’…

These creatures are accustomed to wildlife in this part of the world. Wyoming is home to lots of large farms and lots of wildlife. It’s some big country out there and naturally, these animals are bound to come in contact.

Like all animals, they learn what their predators are, even behind fences, and they learn to hate them just like any other prey animal in the wild.

Grizzlies are fierce predators in these parts of the country. The feed on it all from elk and moose to anything else they can sink their teeth and claws into. The thing is, Angus cows weigh over 1000-pounds on average going to the market, while a large male grizz will weigh around 600-pounds on average.

This weight difference might not be a big deal in a one-on-one fight, but where there’s one cow, there are usually a whole lot more. And a whole bunch of 1000-pound animals are bit more than a grizzly can chew.

This Wyoming grizzly, on a farm near the Eastern gate of Yellowstone National Park, is seen literally squeezing through a fence line going to check out some easy dinner that is perfectly fenced up for him to catch.

Immediately the cattle take notice and start running. The grizzly isn’t really sure what to do and just kind of walks around to investigate. Quickly, the cattle had enough and begin coming right for the bear.

The bear recognizes that it is massively outnumbered and makes a quick break for it as the cows follow right to the fence.

They want no parts of the bear and the bear wanted no part of a whole herd.

That’s a pretty cool encounter to see.

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