Golden Retriever Missing For 3 Months Was Discovered Through Police Drone Footage


Here’s a feel good story for your Thursday.

According to KRDO, three months ago, a golden retriever named Farrah had gotten separated from her owner, Taylor Salazar, in Colorado.

However, she was reunited with her family once again thanks to a drone training exercise being done by Colorado deputies.

Although Farrah was discovered by the deputies in rough shape, weighing half the weight she did before and in need of a leg amputation due to what deputies believe is in part from getting hit by a car, Salazar was ecstatic to reunite with her pup once again.

Salazar adopted Farrah as a companion dog after her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2019.

She told the outlet:

“We needed something to brighten up our household, and she did just that. He was in love with her the minute he saw her.”

Her husband, Fili, passed away three months after they got Farrah, so she turned to the new pup for comfort in such a difficult time.

Farrah disappeared after Salazar’s father had a seizure and crashed near US 50 and Colorado 9 in a dark, rural area.

Although it felt unlikely that Farrah would be able to survive on her own, there were several local sightings of her, including surveillance footage of her drinking water on some farmland. However, they were never able to track her.

Salazar continued:

“If they got too close, she’d run away and she knew where to go. She was hiding.”

A dispatcher knew about the missing dog, and suggested that officers find the dog via drone training.

Salazar joined the deputies on the scene, and began to throw chicken on the ground after Farrah had been located by the drone.

That’s when Farrah popped up, and ended up in her owner’s arms once again.

Salazar recalled:

“Within minutes, deputies spotted her using the drone’s infrared camera. A short time later, Farrah was reunited with her family. She is safely on her way home, and the UAS team was able to practice some very valuable search and rescue techniques with our drone!” 

You love to see it.

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