Wyoming Fourth-Graders Roast Idiot Tourists Of Yellowstone National Park With Hilarious Song

Yellowstone class

Even the kids around there get it.

You want to see a collection of some of the dumbest people on Earth, just set up a camera at Yellowstone National Park. Starting fires, walking near geysers, approaching grizzly bears, trying to pet a bison, hopping barriers, it’s a revolving door of stupid.

It just never seems to stop, there’s always some crazy video popping up from the area showing a tourist and usually their whole family putting themselves in harms way all for a pic for the gram.

And these Lander, Wyoming, children have watched in disbelief their whole life, seeing the tourists roll through their towns and risk their lives every day.

These kids get it, in a world full of people who don’t.

This forth grade class had enough and decided to do a diss track on the tourists in proper fourth grade fashion.

“Keep the pie in the tent
Use the geyser as a hot tub
Try to pet the baby moose
We are so intelligent, hurry let’s get going…”

Shots have been fired.

“Start a fire with gasoline we’ll be so toasty
Selfie with a grizzly bear
Put a buffalo in the car
Soccer with a porcupine”
Let’s go down to Yellowstone and do something thrilling
We are so intelligent
Hurry, let’s get going!..”

Best and truest diss of all time going out to this forth grade class.

“And now, from Baldwin Creek Elementary, Mrs. Barry’s 4rth grade class… ‘The Yellowstone Trip.’ Written and performed by Mrs. Barry’s 4th Graders. Directed and accompanied by Mr. Wilson.”

They said it perfect.

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