Veterans Nursing Home In Hot Water For Hiring A Stripper For The Residents

veterans nursing home

How do you make some elderly veterans in a nursing home feel like they’re in their 20s again?

No, not by doing arts and crafts and playing pin the tail on the donkey…

Bring in a stripper to get ’em a little fired up.

That’s exactly what a Taiwanese veterans nursing home chose to do for their fall festival.

According to Malaymail, the Taoyuan Veterans Home brought some exotic dancing action to the elderly vets, and although most of them are in wheelchairs, a couple of them were on their feet, filming the whole thing.

In the clip, one resident in particular gets a ton of action, including a face full of chest as he gets a lap dance like it’s a bachelor party or something.

Needless to say, my guy was probably having the time of his life.

However, the nursing home received a ton of hate for the move, and you can imagine that the family members of these vets weren’t necessarily pleased.

The nursing home had to send out an apology, saying that the stripper ended up doing way more than they expected, and that she just wanted the audience to feel her “enthusiasm and energy.”

What? What do you expect a stripper to do?

As much as they tried, you can’t really apologize for this move, there’s no turning back. And I’d put my money on it these guys were loving every minute of it.

Is it an obscure gesture? Absolutely. But is it legendary? 1,000%.

I mean, let’s be honest… these are veterans who have served their country and are in their final years… can’t they have a little harmless fun?

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