‘The Road To Hell Paso: Part 1’ Is Five Minutes Of That Signature Koe Wetzel Tour Chaos

Koe Wetzel country music

Hello Paso is days away from dropping, and from the snippets that Koe Wetzel has released on TikTok, I think we’re in for a good one.

You can always count on Koe for a great music video, but leading up to this one, the social media tactics, the promo, the teasers… they’re not falling short on the work that has gone into the hype for this album release.

Behold the YouTube video, The Road To Hell Paso: Part 1.

This behind-the-scenes parody looks at the chaos and stress associated with being Wetzel’s tour manager, his security, and pretty much anyone that’s tasked with trying to wrangle his rockstar behavior.

The video opens with Koe passed out in a bunk bed with fans cheering in the background at a venue in El Paso, TX. Pan to drummer, Jared Easterling, saying:

“I have no idea where he is, I texted him four times… he just sent me back a picture of him naked.” 

Sounds about right…

Dre Rocha, tour manager, has the entertaining yet stressful job of locating Wetzel and making sure he is on stage where he needs to be.

After a frantic clip of Rocha looking for Wetzel; the next few scenes picture Wetzel just waking up on every tour bus but his own in every city he should not be in.

“I got to get him there to the show on time, and it’s a motherf**ker.”

The documentary style video will have you smiling ear to ear at the chaos that ensues on tour with Koe Wetzel.

I can’t wait for the other parts of this video series to drop.

Hell Paso is set to drop this Friday, September 16th.


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