Muscadine Bloodline Perform Acoustic Version Of “Evinrudin'” Straight From The Water

Muscadine bloodline country music

Muscadine Bloodline knows how to put out some kickass acoustic videos.

The duo just knows how to do a music video the right way, whether it’s a full production music video, a stripped back acoustic video, and hell, even their TikToks are pretty funny.

Like playing their hit “Dispatch to 16th Ave.” live from 16th Avenue in Nashville, to hilariously dressing like some old country folk in small town USA for their “Southern” visualizer, it’s like actually watching the movie that you picture in your head while listening to the song in real life.

A few weeks back, the duo released probably my favorite song of theirs to date, titled “Evinrudin’.”

The song is about gearing up to spend a weekend day on the boat, and cranking up that Evinrude for a long day on the water.

On top of that, they also released a stripped down, acoustic video of them playing the song in a little jon boat out on the pond.

You have to love the authenticity of the ol’ Gary and Charlie… just a couple Bama boys doing things the right way.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock