Kip Moore Confirms A Duet With Morgan Wade Is Still Coming

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Thank the Lord…

A duet featuring Kip Moore and Morgan Wade IS on the way.

Kip posted a photo of Morgan in the studio with the caption:

“Y’all asked for it…”

And all is right in the world again.

In August, they had fans in a frenzy, as they hinted that a collaboration was on the way in the form of a duet.

Ultimately, though, Morgan was just Kip’s music video co-star for his most recent single “If I Was Your Lover,” and her vocals were not featured at all on the actual song.

And I’m not gonna lie… I was pretty disappointed, because it is, quite literally, my dream collaboration.

But my hope is renewed that, now, we have total confirmation that they’re cooking something up for us.

I mean, they both have the most rich, gritty voices that I think will blend perfectly together, and I can’t imagine whatever they come up with will be less than amazing.

Stay tuned for more from this dynamic duo…

And check out their steamy music video here:

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A beer bottle on a dock