Watch Johnny Cash’s Hilarious Reaction To Dolly Parton Saying She Had “Horny” Feelings For Him: “That Was Nice Of Her”

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Don Hunstein

It’s no secret that Dolly Parton had a huge crush on the Man in Black back in the day.

And though it kinda goes without saying, even Dolly couldn’t resist Johnny Cash’s undeniable charisma, charm and all-around good looks that made him one of the most recognizable and iconic artists in all of music.

I mean, who could blame the girl? I certainly don’t think she’s only lady who would tell you that…

But until now, we had never really heard Johnny’s take on that moment when Dolly first realized she was into him, which was actually when she saw him perform on the Grand Ole Opry for the first time when she was a very young teenager.

And you’d have to imagine that any man on the planet would be completely flattered knowing they were Dolly Parton’s first crush, but Johnny had an interesting reaction to finding that out, to say the least.

Back in 1997, Johnny appeared on Ralph Emory On The Record in promotion of his book Cash, in which he talks about being the first person to introduce Dolly at the Opry when she was just 13 years old.

Ralph then played some of Dolly’s comments for Johnny to watch from an episode she was on previously, where she elaborated on those feelings she got the first time she saw him and realized what sex appeal was:

“Johnny Cash was the person that introduced me that night. And Johnny, first time I saw him, that’s when I really, that’s when he was lean and lanky, and that’s when I first realized what sex appeal was.

I was 13 years old, it was like ‘Oh!’ It was like, holy moly, what is this? And then, little did I know, he’d be the first person to introduce me on the Opry.”

You can always count on Dolly to be 1000% herself, and I love her for it.

And not only did she say she experienced the true meaning of sex appeal because of Johnny, but she added that it was the first time she ever felt horny, which is pretty damn hilarious hearing that from the ultimate southern belle herself:

“I didn’t say anything, my mouth just flew open.

Well first, I had seen him on stage, and I had all these feelings. Which now I know is just being horny.

Well, sex appeal, or something, I don’t know if that’s exactly the word. That’s what I was.”

And while you would think Johnny would’ve been at least slightly animated, or even a little flustered, by the compliment, he was pretty stoic in his very simple response:

“I really appreciate that, that was nice of her.”

Dolly Parton, an extremely well-known sex symbol in her own right, just said Johnny was the first man that ever made her horny and that’s all he’s got to say about it?

I mean, I expected just a little bit more than that, but hey, I think it’s safe to say that Mrs. June Carter Cash probably appreciated that response.

Johnny was a smart man, indeed…

Check it out that part of the interview, it’s easily the best thing you’ll watch all day:

And back in the early ’80s, Dolly took part in a gospel record with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Brenda Lee, which was eventually turned into a television special hosted by Johnny Cash.

So she did eventually got her big moment on stage with her former crush, and I imagine it was a pretty full circle moment from decades before when she first met Johnny:

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