Goose Crashes Right Through The Windshield Of A Small Airplane In Flight In Illinois


Welp, that’s certainly not ideal…

It’s scary enough when something crazy like this happens in a vehicle on the ground… not much will make a person jump and have their stomach in their throat like some random bird hitting and breaking their windshield.

Now, put that in the air and we have an unimaginable scare.

A goose can weigh up to 20-pounds, but average in between 5 and 14 pounds. These birds fly fast and are large compared to most birds. Them flying the opposite direction of a moving vehicle can cause some damage to both parties on impact.

This goose decided that it was going to not only kill itself but nearly kill two pilots on this day.

Two men are seen in the cockpit taking off and starting to fly a Cessna 210 airplane. They start to fly over the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove when out of nowhere a goose comes crashing through the windshield.

The goose literally explodes and the windshield lands in pieces on the pilots who keep control.

That would nearly make your life flash before your eyes.

The video doesn’t show them landing but one can only imagine they did since it reports that they were actually uninjured during the flight.

What a thrill.

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