Chick-fil-A Employee Puts Would-Be Carjacker In Chokehold In The Parking Lot

Chick-fil-A employee

Gotta love Chick-fil-A, man.

I mean, they’re only open six days a week and they’re still the best fast food chain in the business.

The wonderful demeanor of the employees, the way they crush their ice into those soft little cubes, the sauces, the perfectly tender and right amount of heat spicy chicken sandwich… nothing but chicken and pickles and it’s still fire.

And… if you find yourself being carjacked in the parking lot, or say, some scumbag tries to snag the keys from a woman holding a baby, the employees will come out there and beat your ass.

According to First Coast News, a Florida Chick-fil-A employee put a hurting on a would-be carjacker in Okaloosa County this week.

The dude pulled his best Israel Adesanya, and put 43 year old William Branch in a guillotine when he tried to snatch the keys from a woman holding a baby.

According to police, she was removing her infant from a car seat at the Fort Walton Beach location when the man approached her with a stick demanding the keys. He took them from her and got into the car.

William “Branch” used a “stick”… haha.

You can hear the woman screaming for help, which sent the employee into action. Once he had the man subdued, more employees rush to help.

William Branch of DeFuniak Springs was charged with carjacking with a weapon, as well as battery.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office commended the man for his heroic actions:

“A major shout-out to this young man for his courage”

God bless him… we need more men like him these days.

The Karen at the end, yelling at the guy like he gives a shit… we don’t need that.

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