All Out Brawl Between Texas High School Football Teams Leads To Every Player Getting Ejected

High school football

Most of us have seen a fight break out at a high school football game in our lifetimes, whether it happened on the field with players and coaches, or the fans in the stands.

In some parts of the country, Texas in particular, high school football is a religion, and can result in some really bad blood between two schools, causing something like this to breakout.

The fight occurred last Thursday night when Fort Worth East Hills squared off against Dallas Roosevelt with 6:44 left to play in the game, with Eastern Hills leading 35-12.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the cause of the fight is still unclear, but nearly every player from both teams got into a full on brawl with each other.

In the video, you can see multiple players throwing punches, and even stomping on other players, at each other as a ton of players swarmed together, and it continued for nearly three minutes before all of the coaches were able to separate them.

You can also see a number of fans trying to hop the fence and intervene, while another player takes an opposing player’s helmet, and throws it into the stands, nearly hitting one of the fans passing by.

Throughout the brawl, you can hear the announcer try to calm everybody down and keep them in their seats, while also announcing a hurt player on the field who needs medical attention.

According to Fort Worth Dallas ISD assistant athletic director Dean Pritchett, every player was ejected from the game, and under UIL rules, the players are subject to penalty. They have to miss the rest of the game, and will have to sit the first half of the next game, so it’s looking like it’ll be a forfeit for both teams for this week’s game, or JV players will have to play the first half.

Eastern Hills was awarded the win.

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