Two Bulldogs Chase Away New Hampshire Black Bear Stealing From Family Bird Feeder


Bear bird

Not in these good boy’s back yard.

Any animal willing to chase of a wild one for you is an animal worth having around. It means they are loyal. However, it can lead to some dangerous situations or even draw predators in. Nobody wants to see their best friend end up in a mess.

Black bears can be just too smart for their own good. There’s no two ways about.

They will break into cars, houses and garbage bins to good food. Their intelligence mixed with their amazing agility makes them able to take food from just about anywhere you have it that can be consider accessible.

Even a bird feeder… the things will stand up as high as they can and lick the feed out of it.

It’s really pretty amazing to see.

However, these two bulldogs weren’t super impressed when they realized they at a visitor at their New Hampshire home. When they realized what was going on the dogs sprinted up to the bear that continued to stand as the three of them stare at each other confused.

As the bear starts to go down to its normal four leg stance the dogs chase him clear out of the yard.

What a funny interaction between two animals that don’t know what the other is.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock