Trail Cam Captures What Happens To A Pile Of Fish Left In The Woods, And It’s Surprisingly Interesting


Ahh the age-old question…

If a pile of fish is left in the woods and no one is around to watch it, does it get eaten?

Or something like that…

Anyway, the wonders of YouTube have struck again as I happened to stumble upon one of the more interesting videos I’ve seen in some time.

A little over a year ago, a man named Ace remembered being a kid and catching pike minnows, which are an invasive species that has to be killed, leaving them in a pile overnight and then wondering exactly what it was that came and ate them all when he returned in the morning and they were gone.

Now that he’s a full-grown adult who can do whatever he dang well pleases, he decided to actually test it out and record the feast on a trail cam. (God Bless America)

Truthfully, I thought this may be one of those videos you get halfway done with, snap out of whatever trance you’re in and wonder why you just wasted the time watching a whole bunch of nothing.

But this is not one of those videos.

Before I even knew it I was enthralled with the likes of river otters, opossums, herons, raccoons, turtles, deer and black bear. Seeing these and other creatures be so perplexed with this pile of ready to eat fish is truly fun and pretty dang cute…

Anyway, give it a whirl.

It’s cool to see how these creatures act without humans around to interfere and who knows, you might just learn something.

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A beer bottle on a dock