Sturgill Simpson Lends His Vocals For Feature On Angel Olsen’s “Big Time”

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Semi Song/Angela Ricciardi

There’s no universe in which Sturgill Simpson lends his vocals on a song and it doesn’t instantly become 100 times better.

Unfortunately, though, after the release of Dood & Juanita last year (which he said was the last Sturgill Simpson record), he went on vocal rest, and we haven’t heard too much from him since… aside from his great cover of “When It Comes To You” for the new John Anderson tribute album.

But today, he’s back behind the mic, lending his vocals on Angel Olsen’s tune “Big Time.”

It was actually the title track to Angel’s album which was released in June, but it got a bit of a makeover when she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to feature Sturgill and make it a proper duet:

“‘Big Time’ got a makeover. It’s crazy to write a song and then watch someone else you really admire sing your words…kinda turns the whole thing on its head.

I loved the song already, but hearing Sturgill’s take on this song made me smile ear to ear, he made it come alive on a different level.

‘Big Time’ with Sturgill Simpson is out now. Some might even call it ‘Bigger Time.'” 

She also shared a photo of the duo from inside the studio during the recording process:

Their voices blend so well together, and it’s always nice to hear Sturgill’s voice on anything really, so do yourself a favor and give this one a spin today:

“Big Time”

“When It Comes To You”

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