Okalahoma Neighbors’ Grass Mowing Competition Takes A Wild Turn

Grass mowing

Talk about keepin’ up with the Jones’s.

We’ve all seen it growing up with our parents, or we’ve gone through it ourselves.

You move into a new neighborhood, or somebody moves in across from you, and all of a sudden their front yard looks like the front page cover of Better Homes & Gardens magazine, completely lapping your own front yard.

Although you greet your neighbors with a smile on your face, ya’ll both know that there’s some underlying tension between the two about who has the best lawn…

And here’s a hilarious example.

In the video, you see one guy about to mow his front lawn with a push mower.

However, his neighbor is outside with zero intentions to cut his own grass, but sees his neighbor trying to one up him.

Of course, he can’t let that happen, so he brings out his own push mower and the two have a battle to the death of who has the best cut grass between the two homes.

You already know this is all out of jest, but my guy in the blue was gonna be damned if his neighbor was gonna get a head start on his lawn before him.

Nevertheless, it looks like the boys out there in ol’ Miami, Oklahoma don’t have much better to do than to have some good ol’ fashioned grass cuttin’ competitions.

But it takes a bit of a wild turn when the shirts come up, the dad bods come out, and these boys go to town.

Just good ol’ fashioned wholesome fun.

I guarantee this is exactly what Alan Jackson and Jeff Foxworthy had in mind when they collab’d for the “Redneck Games” back in the day:

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A beer bottle on a dock