Nicholas Jamerson Joins Muscadine Bloodline For Stellar Performance Of Sundy Best’s “Thunder”

Muscadine BLoodline country music

When it comes to country music duos, Muscadine Bloodline and Sundy Best are some of the best in the business.

I mean, it still blows my mind that the CMA Awards nominate LLOCASH in that category, when duos like these are out there, but that’s a conversation for another time.

Although the two vary in styles, with Sundy Best from the hills of Appalachia, and Muscadine Bloodline down in Alabama, both groups have spent an extensive amount of time writing songs, performing, and overall, just perfecting the craft.

And the proof is in the pudding… they’re both sounding better than they ever have.

So, what happens when they come together?

A beautiful song that’ll shake you to your core, from the lyrics to the harmonies.

The two groups have been on tour together this year, and they just posted an incredible rendition of one of Sundy Best’s songs, titled “Thunder,” a cut from Sundy Best’s 2014 Bring Up The Sun album.

The song is about how they came across their significant other, God, however you want to perceive it, and recall that first meeting, saying it shook them like “Thunder.”

The lyrics speak for itself:

“All of my life I’ve wandered
Looking to slow down
But a lot of crooked roads
Are the only thing I’ve found
Well, you came along, you sang your song
Put my heartache in the ground
You shook me like thunder
I’ll be damned if I’m leaving now…”

Muscadine Bloodline said they used to cover it every night on tour:

“Been a pleasure having Sundy Best out on tour with us this year. Back when we started playing, we used to cover this song every show.

Couldn’t pass us an opportunity to sing it with Nicholas Jamerson in a beautiful theater after soundcheck together.”

Check it out:

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