Female NY Giants Fan Railroads Guy In Stands After Tennessee Titans Fan Throws A Drink In Her Face & Runs Away

titans fight

Yesterday, the New York Giants shocked the NFL world by upsetting the Tennessee Titans 21-20.

It was quite shocking, considering the Giants were one of the worst teams in the league last year, but with a healthy Saquon Barkley at running back, it appears that this is a new team that’s ready to make some noise.

Of course, the Titans have been a playoff caliber team for the past few years, and the last thing they were expecting was to get shocked at home first game of the year to the Giants, so you can imagine the fans up in Nashville were a little heated…

And one fan and the woman with him in particular lost just about all sanity.

A viral video shows a Tennessee Titan fan couple exiting the stadium, and you hear the woman yell at another woman who is a Giants fan, saying:

“Shut the fuck up.”

The Giants woman responds to her, and the other turns around and throws a drink in her face and food.

The Giants woman retaliated by throwing her soggy food at the couple, and that’s when all hell really breaks loose.

The woman who started the altercation runs away while her man, who is about three times the size of the woman proceeds to slap the woman with his towel, and then gives her a shove to the face.

Meanwhile, the bystander in the middle trying to keep the peace gets absolutely railroaded in the process.

Of course, the guy basically just slapped a woman so the couple tried to exit the stadium as quickly as possible, but not before a few other fans follow them out.

Talk about an UGLY scene.

Stay classy Trashville.

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A beer bottle on a dock