Twitter Goes Wild After Ed Orgeron Was Spotted With Another Younger Woman At Louisiana Game

Ed orgeron

It’s no secret that former LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron loves football.

However, there’s something he may love more…

And that’s a younger blonde lil’ babay from down in da Bayou.

This is nothing new. We’ve seen Coach O with much younger women in the past, like the picture that surfaced of him in bed with a woman who looks less than half his age after the Tigers won the 2020 National Championship, another picture of him in a pool with a woman about the same age, and also flirting with some women while at his beach house.

In an article from The Athletic, the outlet pointed out how his love for women may have began to outmatch his love for football, and could’ve played a key role in his downfall as the head coach of LSU.

One source told the outlet:

“He lost track of who he was and what made him good from the national championship to now.”

“Something that had priority in his life didn’t have a priority before he was talking to (women). That just became too high on the totem pole.”

Of course, the man is enjoying a cheeseburger or two after getting paid a massive $17 million buyout after the school decided to part ways with him…

Oh yeah, and he’s back on the prowl with them good ol’ blonde “lil’ babays” again.

He was seen with who appears to be another much younger blonde headed woman at the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajun’s game on Saturday, and needless to say, the man is loving life to the fullest.

And of course, Twitter had to do their thing:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock