Koe Wetzel Says ‘Hell Paso’ Is (Most Likely) Dropping On Tuesday

Koe Wetzel

Hell Paso is coming THIS week.

After months of teasing and putting out two singles in the lead-up to the release, “April Showers” and “Creeps,” Koe Wetzel has finally revealed when he’s dropping the new record.

In a Tweet earlier today, Koe said that it will be released on Tuesday… but that it could also be Thursday or Sunday (I guess he means today?), depending on how he feels:

“‘Hell Paso’ drops on Tuesday. But I’m half cocked off. Might be Thursday or Sunday. I’ll keep ya posted.”

So let’s all hope the Cowboys play well tonight at home against the Bucs, because I have a feeling that will bode well for us in terms of his mood and ensuring that Hell Paso is everywhere we find music on Tuesday morning, seeing as Koe’s a massive Dallas Cowboys fan…

And like I said before, he always does things his own way, and though this is not a traditional album release in terms of how most artists do it with a whole PR plan and all, I love the unconventional strategy (or lack thereof) he always seems to employ for his big releases.

He recently rolled out a unique campaign in the lead-up to his fifth studio album called theroadtohellpaso.com, and just put out the tracklist, along with teasers of all 13 songs, on Friday.

Get excited, y’all… KW5 will (most likely) be here in less than 48 hours.

Hell Paso tracklist:

1. “Better Without You”
2. “Money Spent”
3. “Oklahoma Sun”
4. “Welcome to Hell Paso”
5. “Creeps”
6. “To Be Continued”
7. “YellaBush Road”
8. “Three Weeks”
9. “Cheers”
10. “Sad Song”
11. “Cabo”
12. “So Low”
13. “April Showers”


“April Showers”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock