The Best Hunting Dog Ever Learns To Call Ducks

Dog duck

What a good boy.

Just out here retrieving the ducks and now even calling them in.

I can truly say that I have never seen this one before.

Labs and retrievers are some pretty cool dog. Anything that can be your best friend and hunting buddy sits well in my books, that’s for sure.

They love it too. I’ve heard stories of dogs getting mad when you miss a duck, this is what these fellas live for.

Retrievers are a popular choice for hunting dogs with their endless energy and enthusiasm. The love to be active and with some training hunting will become their favorite thing. They are a popular choice for duck hunting do to their thick fur and skin that allows them to withstand the harsher conditions of the season mixed with hours on end of being in the water retrieving ducks.

This dog took it to a new level though. He is setting the new standard for hunting dogs.

Not only is this good boy sitting patiently in the duck blind he is also willing to help call the birds in.

His owner hands him a duck call and tells him to blow into it.

He actually listens and starts calling ducks. This is some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever seen.

He does different calls too. It’s not just a fluke, this dog knows his calling.

To say this is impressive for a dog is an understatement.

I would take this good boy hunting any day of the week.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock