Yellowstone Fans Share The Most “F*cked Up” Moments From The Show

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Yellowstone might be the most popular thing on television right now, but with the conclusion on Season 4, the announcement of the two-part Season 5, not to mention 1883, the next chapter in the upcoming 1923, the Four Sixes spinoff that’s also in the works, Yellowstone fans have a lot to look forward to.

And needless to say, Taylor Sheridan is unquestionably the busiest man in the business right now. I mean, did Paramount just give him half a million bucks, lock him in a room with a pencil and make him crank out scripts?

Whatever they’re doing… it’s working.

Anyways, with this brief lull in the Yellowstone world, fans are left to dive into some bonus content, maybe start to re-watch it, speculate about upcoming plot lines, or my favorite… fire up the discussion board.

And today’s topic?

What’s the creepiest/most f’d up Yellowstone moment?

The loyal fans in the Yellowstone subreddit chimed in, and there were a couple in particular that got people the most creeped out.

So without further ado… here’s what they had to say…

Rip Digging Up His Dead Mom

Yep, ol’ Rip in the graveyard seemed to be a big response from Yellowstone fans when it came to creepy moments. I mean, it’s definitely a sweet, tenderhearted moment from a guy that you can usually see cracking skulls, but digging up her body to get the ring? Pretty weird…

Does Beth know?

Here’s what the fans said:

“Rip and the ring. I’m so glad someone else thought this was creepy AF. I was baffled.”

“I want to see Rip tell Beth how he got the ring.”

“I really agree about Rip and the ring. That was mom’s ring, she took it to her grave, leave it be. To dig her up, take if off, present it to Beth and she is good with that?”

But by far, the creepiest moment…

Monica & Tate In The Tub

I mean, do we know how old Tate is?

As a grown man, I can tell you with 100% honestly, I never, ever had that kind of conversation with my mother, let alone with her in the room with me bathing in the tub.

And yeah, I know Tate was kidnapped and Monica is overly protective at this point… but let a man get some damn privacy, can we? He’s gonna grow up even more messed up than he already is.

But out of all the violence, rape and murder we’ve seen… fans thought this was by far the creepiest, most fucked up moment in all of Yellowstone:

“Monica and Tate discussing his erection while he’s in the bath tub. That is one scene that was NEVER needed.”

“Rip’s mom’s corpse is up there but nothing, NOTHING, will top Monica referencing her kid’s boner. NOTHING.”

“I think the scene with Tate in the bathtub talking about his erection while Monica stands next to him holding a towel is the creepiest.”

“Monica and Tate with the bath. Just very strange… just very odd for a boy 12-13ish having his mom help bath him when he was physically able to bath himself.”

“Definitely the bathtub Chubb.”

Of course, that isn’t all though.

There were a number of other moments that weren’t repeated quite as much, but nonetheless, fans still found them pretty disturbing.

Here’s the rest of the responses below:

“Bailing a girl out of jail just to have sex with her ranks pretty high.”

“The Beth office invasion scene. I turned off the sound and half watched it.”

“Beth walking Dawn of the Dead style out of the Smith & Meyer’s office-it was creepy AF.”

“The scene where Kasey was doing his vision quest or whatever you call it and his dead brother was there… shit scared me the first time I watched it because I wasn’t expecting it.”

“I think it was over the top and down the side when Beth took a knife to Daddy Dutton’s one night stand and wishing a$$ cancer on her. Especially after Beth lectured Daddy Dutton on needing a one night stand.”

“How about when Kayce kills that cattle rustler and then the rustler’s daughter is just standing there over his dead body and no one does anything to comfort her?”

“Or when Rip kills Roark with a rattlesnake in a cooler?”

“The Chinese tourists hanging from the cliff as Rip deals with the bear has always stuck with me. The way they panic and one falls and the other just gives up and lets go out of despair. OOF.”

“The way Beth tells Jamie’s she is going to kill what he loves the most one day! The way she says it and the look in her eyes gave me the damn chills!”

“Monica agreeing to maybe get raped and killed so that Mo could splatter dude’s brains all over her face by aiming within a few inches of her own head. I have a feeling zero women were involved in writing that scene.”

“The entire scene when Kasey and Monica drove by a (meth) trailer just as it blew up. I can’t get the details of that scene out of my mind.”

“When Mia, who has known Jimmy all of two minutes, takes advantage of him while laying in a hospital bed with half his bones broken. Most “wtf” scene that had zero purpose.”

“Jamie taking Beth to get an abortion and sterilizing her without her knowing. Not my fav scene but definitely messed up. Also explains why she hates him SO much!”

“I’ll add jimmy jacking off horses to the list. Maybe this is a normal thing for people that deal with breeding horses, but I don’t, so it grossed me out.”

Oh, Jimmy… gotta love it…

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