Hungry Rattlesnake Launches Rare Attack On An Owl

rattlesnake owl

Oh, how the tables have turned.

Owls are notorious for their hunting abilities along with the ability to stay safe.

A nocturnal bird, generally, that loves to hunt and attack with speed and power. Owls as a family love to eat snakes, rodents, fish and frogs. And they are very good at what they do.

Rattlesnakes are fierce predators themselves, but generally are more likely to be the victim than the predator in this situation. Rattlesnakes generally survive off of rodents and other small ground-living animals.

Owls have strong and sharp talons that generally keep snakes as far away as possible. But, nature is a wild place where the unexpected always happens.

An owl is seen landing on the ground and going in for a drink from a water source.

Out of nowhere a rattlesnake jumps out of a hole in the dark and tries to lay a hurtin’ on the owl.

The large snake gets a good grip on the owl as it flails around. The owls ability to fly mixed with panic allows it to shake the snake off its back as it flies far, far away.

That made me jump a little bit. That’s an owl’s horror movie right there. Almost unbelievable, but realistic enough to make you watch your back.

Nature is a wild place.

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