Dale Earnhardt Jr. Throws Gas On The Rumor Fire… Implies Kyle Busch Could Be Joining 23XI Racing

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It’s no secret that NASCAR driver Kyle Busch is on the lookout for a new team, after his contract ended with Joe Gibbs Racing.

And with the Cup Series playoffs already underway, the clock is ticking.

Rumors circulated that Busch could be joining Richard Childress Racing, even though the two got into a literal fight at the Truck Series race at Kansas Motor Speedway in 2011.

However, Childress noted that the two have made amends since the brawl, and he didn’t necessarily shoot down the rumors that he could be joining RCR in the near future.

With that being said, a number of cryptic tweets from no other than Dale Earnhardt Jr. have narrowed down Busch’s potential teams to just two…

Basically, what Jr. is saying here is that Busch could either be joining Richard Childress Racing, or 23XI Racing, which is co-owned by Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin.

The eight ball in the tweet represents Tyler Reddick, who drives the number eight car for RCR, and is saying Busch could take Reddick’s spot after he left RCR to sign with 23xI for the 2024 season.

And of course, the other tweet has a number of basketball emojis, which represents Michael Jordan for 23XI.

Kyle may also be replacing his brother, Kurt, if he chose to sign with 23XI, considering Kurt is still struggling with concussion symptoms, causing him to miss the last six races.

Although Kurt is signed with 23XI for next season once again in the number 45 car, nothing is set in stone considering his health issues.

I guess time will tell.

Richard Childress Addresses Rumors Kyle Busch May Be Joining The Team Next Year

Well this is a team I could’ve never envisioned in NASCAR.

For those of you die hard racing fans, you probably remember the fight between Kyle Busch and Richard Childress at the Truck Series race at Kansas Motor Speedway back in 2011.

After Childress’s driver, Joey Coulter, beat out Kyle Busch to win, Busch ran his car right up next to Coulter’s and gave him a little “love tap” on the cool down lap, and Childress didn’t take too fondly of that.

After the race, Busch, who was 26 at the time, and Childress, who was 65, got into a heated altercation, which resulted in Childress putting the young driver in a headlock, and he basically beat him upside the head a few times.

Yeah… don’t mess with that grandpa strength.

Although there’s been some bad blood between Childress and Busch over the years, they might just be setting those differences aside, because there’s a rumor thatΒ  Kyle Busch could be joining Childress’s team next year.

Busch and his longtime sponsor, M&M’s, are parting ways after this season, and Busch’s current owner Joe Gibbs can’t find someone willing to shell out the big bucks it’s gonna take to get a driver like Kyle behind the wheel.

According toΒ The Daytona Beach News-Journal,Β it’s rumored that RCR may be Busch’s top landing spot, and when Childress was asked about it, he definitely did not say “no.”

He said:

“Kyle’s a great race driver. He and I have talked. We put all our differences behind us a while back. He’s a great race driver. He’ll land him a good ride somewhere for sure.”

And of course, the next question was if RCR would be Busch’s new home, and Childress responded:

“You said that, I didn’t.”

Childress has two cars on his cup team, with his grandson Austin Dillon in the No. 3 car who will be staying with the team, and Tyler Reddick in the No. 8, who will be moving to 23XI Racing, the co-owned team by Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan, in 2024.

Could that open spot go to Kyle Busch? Will his brother Kurt, a current 23XI Racing driver who has been sidelined with concussions, open the door for Reddick to make the move a year earlier?

I guess time will tell.

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