Check Out The 13-Song ‘Hell Paso’ Tracklist, Because Koe Wetzel’s Fifth Studio Album Could Drop Anytime Now

Koe Wetzel

Quit teasin’ and drop Hell Paso already, Koe.

He’s been playing with us for the past week or so, rolling out a huge campaign in the lead-up to his fifth studio album called

When you call the number listed in the above tweet, a recording of Koe talking comes on, where he says we’re getting closer to Hell Paso, and he lists off a bunch of options to dial an extension to different cities, which brings up tons of teasers of new music:

“Pick the city that’s closest to you, and I promise some crazy shit is gonna happen.”

And if you click the actual link and go to the website, a generator will calculate how far you are from what I assume is really El Paso, Texas, or somewhere close by in the Lone Star state.

It also prompted you to pre-save Hell Paso, but prior to today, no further information in terms of a tracklist or release date was available.

But now, if you go to Instagram stories and type in Koe’s name under the “music” button, a slew of new songs pop up with what we expected to be the album cover from the aforementioned campaign, sans the animated sign that was previously on the cover. It now features a cross made of wood.

From what I can tell at the moment, there are 11 new songs listed on the Apple Music feature, along with the two singles he’s dropped in the rollout, “April Showers,” and most recently, “Creeps.”

Though these are probably not listed in the exact order of how they’ll be on the record, this is how they’re currently listed on Apple Music when you search:

Hell Paso tracklist:

1. “Better Without You”
2. “Money Spent”
3. “Oklahoma Sun”
4. “Welcome to Hell Paso”
5. “Creeps”
6. “To Be Continued”
7. “YellaBush Road”
8. “Three Weeks”
9. “Cheers”
10. “Sad Song”
11. “Cabo”
12. “So Low”
13. “April Showers”

And if you select one of the tunes to go on your stories, it brings up a similar teaser of each song to the one that he had on the phone number with the extensions to different cities:

Koe Wetzel country music

Of course, Koe always does things his own way, and there’s really no telling when this album might actually be coming.

He still hasn’t put out an official release date, and back in 2019, he released his signature record Harold Saul High as a total surprise.

Stay tuned for more, Hell Paso could drop anytime now…


“April Showers”

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