Man Gaffs Massive Fish And Gets Yanked Into The Water

Fishing gaff

Sometimes you just have to have a laugh.

The excitement of fishing can be overpowering. It often leads to stupid mistakes, missed fish and hilarious accidents. Nothing beats that rush of having a massive fish on the end of your line.

Everyone gets excited when a big one is on. There’s no selfishness or jealousy, at least while it’s happening. In that moment every bit of focus is on getting that monster in.

That’s the thing about fishing. It’s always amazing the things you can, memories you can make and the fish everyone is able to get a crack at catching.

But, all that doesn’t mean it’s not absolutely hilarious when the excitement gets the better of someone as they make a decision that doesn’t end well.

This boat was out fishing when they hooked into a nice fish. As they reeled the beast in and got it close to the boat, one of the men grabbed the gaff and got ready to end the fight.

As he swings the gaff with confidence, he sticks it right into the fish just as he should. There’s only one problem, the fish still has lots of fight.

With a quick turn the fish pulls the man off his feet and out into the water without hardly any effort.

Look where we are now, in the water with a wasted gaff, and a pissed off fish.

Make sure the fish is ready to be done when you go to gaff it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock