Florida Woman Snaps Picture Of Alligator Tied To SUV On The Highway


Man, I love Florida…

You just truly, truly never know what you’re going to see at any time.

I’m sure you’ve heard hundreds, if not thousands, of stories regarding the infamous “Florida Man” at this point, but if you want one more, look no further than the photo a lady captured last weekend of a large alligator tied up to the back of an SUV on the highway…

How is that monster staying put? Looks like a 5-year-old just tossed some string over the top and said “that’ll hold!”

While many people took a stab at captioning the picture, there were two that really got me…

LeAnder Owens: “Thats a Chevy, but for a minute I thought it was a Lincoln Navi-Gator”

Brian Farrell: “Now THAT’S a Tail Gator!!”

Great stuff…

Alligator Hunting season in Florida runs from August 15th to November 1st, so it’s likely this was the legal harvest of the driver and no different than seeing a white tail deer in the back of a pick-up, but still, this has to be quite the seen when out for a drive and BAM… there’s a dinosaur cruising in front of you.

Never change, Florida… never change.


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