These Are 25 “Guy Secrets” Women Don’t Know According To 25 Guys

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Alright, ladies.

Got some insight for you. 25 guys gave 25 “guy secrets” women don’t know during an AskMen thread on Reddit. Some are funny, some are sad, some make you shake your head.

Here were the 25 best and top-voted responses.

1. If a someone compliments a shirt or a pair of jeans we wear, we will wear it every time we hang around a girl we’re into. Compliments stick.

2. We remember compliments years after we get them.

3. We have 5 guys in our house and a small living room. A female friend noticed that even though we are in close proximity, our knees never touch. Not sure about others but I’ve noticed that about a lot of other guys too, at least, ever since it was pointed out.

4. I just want to be scratched sometimes while we’re relaxing on the couch or in bed like I constantly do to you. I don’t always want to be the one to rub/scratch your back or head or arms. Damn just help me out every now and then.

5. Not sure about everyone, but I do like being asked things as long as I’m not being nagged. I’ve seriously only dated 1 woman who would ask me how my day was or just want to hear me talk about things. It was pretty crazy and refreshing.

6. If a guy does something which makes you go “What was he thinking?”, he wasn’t thinking.

7. You know that cute guy who might be interested in you but you can’t tell because he’s not being very forward?

It’s possible he’s totally interested, just that the last girl he was forward with thought he was super creepy, so he’s not taking chances because he values your opinion too much and it would be too painful to get that look from you.

8. I dunno about some of you, but I really like getting my hair pet. And scratches behind my ears.

9. We all work together to try to cut urinal cakes in half, over time, with our pee.

10. When peeing, the only reason anyone misses is that when first peeing, it sputters a bit because the exit sometimes is closed.

11. We really are often thinking about nothing, or at least nothing interesting.

12. We are low-key sensitive AF about our own appearance even if we don’t act like it. We pretty fragile when it comes to physical insults.

A lot of the time we like cuddling over sex. I mean that’s good also. But non-sexual physical contact can be really touching.

13. When a guy comes up kind of out of nowhere and approaches you in a super awkward conversation that goes nowhere he was probably interested in you enough to muster through some anxiety and doubt to come talk to you.

14. We honestly don’t know what we did wrong most of the time. The process is much easier if you’re straight forward with it.

15. We know you might be intimidated when we walk behind you, we just walk fast and need you to move out of the damn way

16. Sometimes I like being the little spoon. Sometimes after sex, pee streams go in two directions. If apparent “poop time” takes more than ten minutes, I just need a break to be alone – nothing against the girl, it’s just the fortress of solitude we have available.

17. Please stop beating around the bush. Men cannot read a woman’s mind.

18. Our instinctive nod greetings.

Nod up for a friend or someone you know.

Nod down for a stranger.

19. A lot of guys have cried after being rejected by a girl.

20. We like hugs. A lot.

21. Sometimes we be crying and shit.

22. Half the time I’m just nodding and agreeing without even listening.

23. If you see two guys constantly jostling each other and threatening to have sex with each other’s moms, that means they are very good friends. That’s how we show affection.

24. We actually do listen to you but we are maybe to tired or just don’t want to respond.

25. A kiss on the cheek will melt any man INSTANTLY. It’s like the highest level of appreciation a girl can show you.

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