Steve Rinella Getting False Charged By A Grizzly Bear Is The Most Intense Thing You’ll See All Day

Steve Rinella meateater

This video gives me the sweats…

Steve Rinella is the host of MeatEater, an outdoors show with an accompanying podcast, where he and his crew travel the world and experience the greatness of nature in all its raw glory.

Our guys Luke Combs and Cody Cannon have even gotten the chance to hunt with him, further proving how cool of a dude Steve it.

But even when you’re top of your field, there’s always a chance something tragic can happen, and he’s now had at least two close calls with some enormous bears, both of which could have ended quite poorly.

You may have heard him tell Joe Rogan about the Kodiak bear that barreled through his campsite in Alaska one night, but the first came a few years earlier in British Columbia.

Steve and his partner Ryan Callaghan were on a grizzly bear hunt when they saw a mama with her cubs in the distance. Unfortunately, the bear also saw them and started to move closer.

And closer.

And closer… 

The guys were left with no choice but to make some noise, load their guns, and pray the bear didn’t charge.

When the bear got way to close for comfort, they started firing warning shots as it started to charge.

And thank goodness it was a false charge, because it did not look like anything was going to stop that 400-pound monster.

After it turned and went about its life in a separate direction, Callaghan blurted out a pretty hilarious phrase.

“Smell us now, lady…”

Not the first thing I would think of, but hey, after escaping a mauling anything sounds pretty good.

Keep your head on a swivel out there, folks…

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