Twitter Hilariously Compares Kim Kardashian’s Latest Butt-Baring Magazine Cover To ‘White Chicks,’ Lady Gaga & More

Kim Kardashian

Man, this is, uh, something…

There’s been some wild Kim Kardashian moments this year.

In particular, when Kim said that women need to “get your fucking ass up and work,” even though she’s pretty much famous for doing nothing, and of course, the wild beef between her and her ex-husband Kanye West while she was dating Pete Davidson.

It’s a shit ton of drama, and of course, that’s exactly how Hollyweird likes it.

And in the latest mind-boggling Kim K moment, she released her latest American Dream Issue pictures for Interview Magazine

And she looks like White Chicks, Lady Gaga, and a mannequin caked with makeup had themselves a love child.

Her hair is bleach blonde, along with her eyebrows, and she doesn’t even look recognizable in the pictures, or even like a person at all.

It truly makes you think to yourself:

“What in the damn hell is she doing?”


I just wanna know, do they put something in the water out there in Hollywood that instantly makes you lose every last drop of sanity you may have?

Because at this point, I’m fully convinced that everybody out there has some kinda screw loose.

Of course, the majority of the comments are drawing the White Chicks comparisons, which is absolutely hilarious. And aside from those jokes, the comments haven’t been too friendly as a whole.

Just take a look for yourself:


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock