Cole Chaney Proves Once Again Why He’s A Force To Be Reckoned With In New ‘OurVinyl Sessions’

Cole Chaney country music

If you haven’t hopped on board the Cole Chaney train yet, it’s time to get your ass going.

The man is pure, authentic, Appalachian Americana and country music at its finest, and his debut album Mercy is further proof of that, one of our favorites of 2021.

However, there’s something about his live acoustic performances that feel so real, it’s borderline spiritual when you mix in his gritty vocals with incredible songwriting.

The man recently made an appearance on the OurVinyl Sessions, which have boasted a ton of stars over the years, including Tyler Childers, Billy Strings, Logan Halstead, Kat Hasty, and so many others.

It’s where Childers performed arguably one of his greatest songs to date, “Follow You To Virgie,” and I’m still trying to figure out how that one didn’t make the cut on his last two albums.

For Chaney’s performance, he performed four brand new songs that have yet to be released, titled “Charlene,” “Spirit,” “Grind,” and “On Deaf Ears.”

With each song, you can feel the emotion from Chaney’s voice, and how each song comes straight from the heart, and it’s obvious each song stems from a personal experience in one way or another.

Can we just talk about how great the music is coming out of Appalachia at the moment?

From Chaney, to Charles Wesley Godwin, Logan Halstead, and hell, Childers has even teased some new music coming our way here soon.

The future for independent country music is bright indeed.

You can check out the full performance below:

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