Remember When The Great Charlie Daniels Stole The Show With His Animated Appearance On ‘King Of The Hill’

Charlie Daniels king of the hill

If you needed a little pick-me-up today then here it is.

The late, great Charlie Daniels was an animated character on King of the Hill and frankly, I feel like I’m late to the party.

The episode, flawlessly named, “The Bluegrass Is Always Greener” aired in 2002, and featured a storyline where young Connie Souphanousinphone harbors a secret love for bluegrass music, though she is a practiced concert violinist.

After learning this, the odd group forms the Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience group with Bill on the washboard and Boomhauer on banjo, with Connie stealing the show by “throwing down with the hoedown,” as she called it.

But the episode takes a turn when Connie’s dad makes her go play in a classic violin contest the same day Hank has them signed up for a country music contest.

This leads to the group lying to Charlie Daniels, pretending that Connie is dead, and persuading him to play with their band, claiming it was Connie’s dying wish… and Charlie Daniels buys the story, responding:

“Tell ‘em I’ll play ‘til my fiddle catches fire!”

Charlie personally does the voiceover for the show, as well as performing the fiddle segment on “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” and he may be even better in animation, if that’s even possible.

Check it out:

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