Peyton Manning Joins Dierks Bentley To Sing “Friends In Low Places” At Seven Peaks Music Festival

Peyton Manning country music dierks

Talk about a duo we never knew we needed.

It’s no secret that Peyton Manning is not only a huge football guy, but also a country music guy.

And if you needed some proof, you gotta check out this video of him walking on stage to sing “Back Where I Come From” with Kenny Chesney at Neyland Stadium, home of his former college team the Tennessee Volunteers, while rocking a pearl snap, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat.

Or rippin’ shots backstage with Eric Church… in the  middle of a show.

And the latest proof?

He made an appearance on stage at the Seven Peaks Festival in Villa Grove, Colorado this past weekend to welcome Dierks Bentley’s legendary fake ’90s country band, the Hot Country Knights.

Could you imagine? You’ve been drinking all day and listening to some high class country music, when all of a sudden everybody’s favorite NFL quarterback walks on stage, nearly as piss drunk as you are…

Security would probably have to physically restrain me from running on stage and taking a shot with Manning.

Of course, the festival was being held in the same state as the team he retired from, the Denver Broncos, so you already know he was having the time of his life.

While on stage, he hilariously made his legendary “Omaha” audible jokes, all the way until the Hot Country Knights ran out.

However, the best part is when he sticks around, and sings Garth Brooks’ legendary hit, “Friends In Low Places.”

Not gonna lie, I think everybody was glad he decided to stick with football throughout his career, and not pursue a career in country music.

Nevertheless, an awesome moment all around:

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