Northern Pike Bites Into Steelhead While Being Reeled In For A 2-For-1 Catch

Northern Pike

You got to love to see it.

There’s nothing like pulling up a beauty from the depths of the river and having something completely shocking happen.

Waterbodies support a lot of life, from the plant life that live in it, to the predators that use it to their advantage. Although water creates a mystery what goes on there is just as unforgiving as anything in the wild on land.

Pike are a completely predator fish. Often stay still and attack their prey with a quick speed burst and a bite that will not let them escape. They eat mainly fish but will go after anything from rats, ducks or frogs, pretty much anything they can get their mouth on. with sharp teeth, they are a pretty cool fish.

Generally, they eat smaller fish though, however, this video shows one with its mouth wrapped around a pretty good-sized steelhead.

These fishermen were out for a day of fun on the water when one of them hooked into a nice pike. As they reeled it in and got the net ready the big ol’ fish surfaced, with something other than just the lure in its mouth.

A large steel head… in its mouth along with the lure. Bonkers…

The boys freak out as they realize what is happening and somehow still manage to net both fish.

It’s a pretty rare occurrence to have a 2-for-1 catch. It’s a fisherman’s dream to catch one fish this large, let alone two at once.

These are two beauty fish and one incredible catch.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock