Washignton High School Football Game Paused When Family Of Deer Won’t Get Off the Field

High school football

We’ve all seen sporting events stopped due to a wild fan running on the field, the occasional streaker, or what have you.

But a family of deer on the field? That’s a new one.

At a high school football game in Cheney, Washington, the referee had to put a stop to the game when a family of deer made their way onto the field, and wouldn’t leave.

A doe and two fawns ran onto the field, and according to Christi Archibek, who captured the footage, said the trio of deer showed up during the third quarter of Cheney High’s first freshman game of the season.

Referees and coaches tried to get the doe and the one fawn off the field, but the other fawn was staying put. Then mom turned back to make sure her young fawn was close by.

“They ended up finally charging down the center of the football field to reunite.”

She also adds that it just might have been the most exciting part of the game as the home team got smoked by the visiting Gonzaga Prep Bulldogs, 32-0.

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