Man Goes Absolutely Bonkers After He Hooks Beauty Smallmouth Bass With A Drone

Smallmouth drone fishing


Drone’s are a neat relatively new tool on the market. They can affordably help you get more information on an area you’re hunting or fishing in and at the same time capture amazing footage of everything.

There’s a lot of debate on ethical uses of them within the hunting community specifically. Particularly in the cases where people use them to push animals towards them due to their ability to move in close and the noise the animals generally don’t like that they make.

Needless to say, be careful if you get any ideas and make sure what your doing is legal in your area, or at lest not illegal yet.

We’ve seen drone fishing done before, however that event didn’t go great as this bass pulled it right into the water.

This guy had a little bit more success as he set his drone up with a primo bass lure and sent it out over the beautiful Lake Champlain on the New York/Vermont/Canadian border.

As he films from shore and the drone above, you see a fish come out of the water and snag the lure. They man clearly and low expectations as he can hear how rattled he is that he even hooked one.

He flies the drone back to shore and snags it as the bass is still on the line. He pulls in a smasher smallmouth bass and immediately looses his mind.

He can’t believe he caught one, let alone one that big as he grabs the fish and literally runs across the road and to his house. The man shows his family his catch with nothing short of pure joy. He then races back and lets the fish go as he explains he really didn’t think the drone would work.

Clearly, it works great.

I just don’t think I’ll be risking losing a drone to a bass anytime soon.

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