Lainey Wilson Delivers Perfect Live Performance Of Her Beautiful Single, “Two Story House”

Lainey Wilson country music

Lainey Wilson is on a roll here lately.

She’s put out two fantastic singles in the last few weeks, including “Watermelon Moonshine” from her forthcoming album Bell Bottom Country, in addition to being featured on Hardy’s new tune “Wait in the Truck.”

On top of that, she’s also been in Montana on the set of Paramount’s hit series Yellowstone, as she’s a new cast member on this upcoming Season 5, where she’ll fittingly play a musician named Abby.

Her current single at country radio (and future #1 in my opinion) is a song titled “Heart Like A Truck,” and she recently did a great acoustic live performance video of the song that I absolutely love.

And during that same session, she recorded another live performance video of a beautiful song called “Two Story House,” which was a single she put out last year.

A co-write by Lainey with Jon Henderson and Neal Coty, Lainey tells the story of how she and her older sister were raised the same way in the same “two story house,” but wound up taking completely different paths in life.

Her sister chose to get married and have babies, while Lainey opted to head to Music City and chase her dreams in country music.

It’s a very unique concept and one I haven’t heard put quite this way in a country song before, and the acoustic, stripped back nature of this live performance lends so well to Lainey’s sincere and twangy vocals.

Do yourself a favor give it a listen:

“Two Story House”

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