Grizzly Bear’s Pursuit Of Deer Interrupted By Horses

Wild horses

Nature is just out showing us what it always does.

Only the strongest and the lucky survive.

A grizzly bear has all the power over any deer. In size, aggression and strength. They are natural born killers.

Even though grizzlies are omnivores and often scavenge as well, they are best known for being fierce predators.

That makes it easy to have a healthy respect for the animal and make you want to tune in any time there is a video that pops up of them doing what they do.

Often times, grizzlies are successful in their hunts. A bear’s whole life is centered around getting food while using the least amount of energy as possible.

Unlike humans, they are always trying to pack on as much fat as possible so they can survive the winter.

So, when any animal see’s a grizzly coming, you best believe they run like they have never ran before and hope for a little bit of luck.

These deer had luck on their side on this day, as a grizzly chased them into a farmer’s field. The grizzly cuts into the field as the deer try to make a break for it. You can’t see the deer in the video, but the description says the bear was initially chasing deer. However, three horses set up a guard in the middle making the grizzly hesitate just enough to help the deer out.

Those are some brave horses, but these animals need to help each other out from time to time.

Really the horses probably did what they did out of defense for themselves, but its still cool to see this unique interaction.

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