Fisherman Hilariously Drops Bluegill Onto Wife’s Water Pad And Watches Her Freak Out

dad fish

Nothing beats a good ol’ dad prank

Sometimes it’s something so simple a person would almost never think of it. Except for that one guy that always comes up with great ideas and pulls through with them constantly. Everyone needs to have one of these guys in a group of the boys, they keep you on your toes and will have you bent to the ground laughing just about every time you’re hanging out.

I mean, everyone loves the class clown, joker or man child. They just keep things light and amusing constantly. Although your bound to be a victim of their fun at some point because it is always at the expense of others, it’s worth it to hang around one of these lads.

Having a fella like this in a group of fishing buddies makes it even better. They are always pulling hilarious tricks and they somehow find a way to make something as great as fishing even better.

While out for a lake day on Lake Waynoka, Ohio, this dad caught a nice little bluegill. He walks over to show his wife the catch, as her and a friend are lounging out on the water pad next to the dock. After showing them he throws right in between the two ladies who began to lose their shit.

The fish swims back and forth in the little bit of water on the floating mat as the ladies toss and turn looking like flopping fish themselves. The whole crowd loses it.

Well done, dad.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock