Mother Moose Turns Around & Rams Truck As Her Newborn Calves Make Their Way Up The Road

moose charge

Don’t mess with momma.

These animals have some crazy mother instincts and will do just about anything to protect their young.

Moose are the largest member of the deer family and the second largest animal to roam North America. Each spring cow moose give birth to babies called calves. They can have anywhere from one to four.

Moose calves area highly sought-after food source for predators each year. They are young, weak and slow compared to other animals, but still large enough to provide a very good meal.

Naturally, mother moose are highly defensive of their calves because of this. And due to their size this makes them one of the most dangerous animals in the woods.

Moose in general aren’t considered very dangerous, but a protective mama… she’ll literally kick you to death.

Their poor eyesight often leads to aggressive behavior in these situations too.

So, if you come across a moose with young… stay very clear of them because they will attack.

Unfortunately for these guys, they found it out the hard way. Fortunately for them, they were in a truck where they were safe and sound.

These men waited for 15-minutes for a mother and her two calves to get off the road. After that, they decided to try and sneak around them to continue on down the road. The mother had different plans as she began to worry about her kids.

As the truck approaches her ears go straight back and she charges at the truck stopping in front of it.

They stop and then try again only for the moose to do it another time. It starts running down the road as the try again but it turns and charges yet again.

The moose moves to the roadside and the men try to make a break but this time the moose charges and actually rams the truck. It moves beside the truck as the men juice it to get by them all, the mother continues to chase them away.

“Moose attack. We kept backing off hoping this cow moose with just leave the road, but after 15 minutes of waiting, we decided to try to squeeze by her. Each time we would try to sneak by her, she would get aggressive.

Finally she rammed the truck several times, first with her head then with her shoulder. This ordeal took more than 15 minutes and nearly a mile of the road. Apparently there was a grizzly or wolves nearby because she simply would not take her calves off the roadway.”

Those motherly instincts are strong in this one.

Collision On Rainy Highway Sends Moose Flying Into The Air

We’ve all been there, or know somebody who’s been there…

We’re talking about a deer running right in front of your car, and absolutely obliterating your front end and windshield, as well as the deer.

It’s a terrible feeling, and always costs a pretty penny.

For these unlucky folks in Finland, they ran into a similar situation. Except they didn’t hit a deer, they hit a massive, 1,000 pound moose that was scampering straight across an incredibly busy highway… in the rain.

Of course, moose are much, much larger than deer so you always run the risk of injuring the driver, or persons in the vehicle, as well.

The collision caused significant damage to the car, and sent the moose flying through the air, flipping like Simone Biles, and it even clipped the car in the next lane that caught the whole thing on dashcam footage.

The collision resulted in a child leaving the scene with minor injuries, however the moose wasn’t quite as lucky. Unfortunately, the moose died from the injuries of the brutal impact.

These kinds of moose collisions are more common in places like Canada, Alaska, and Maine, as well as Scandinavian countries like Finland and Sweden.

Moose are very common all throughout Finland, with the exception of bare mountaintops where there really isn’t much for a moose to eat.

Moose Leaps Over Car, Avoiding Serious Crash

Moose can be a big problem for motorists.

They are just so big, weighing up to 1,500-pounds, that they can really do some damage to a vehicle. And because they stand so tall, most vehicles will hit the right in the legs causing them to land on (or through) the windshield.

Needless to say, if you live in moose country, you want to avoid a collision at all costs.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable, however, it’s rare that a driver makes it away this lucky. But then again, it’s also rare that a moose is running down the street in an urban area.

A dashcam captured this bizarre scene which appears to be somewhere in Russia, when a car starts to pull out into an intersection and you see a moose out of nowhere cut right for the car.

The car breaks hard and the moose takes a huge leap, narrowly clearing the car completely. It slides off the roof of the car and crashes down to the pavement, before picking itself back up and running off.

I mean, I’m sure there could be a few scratches from its hoofs dragging, and the moose probably came out with a scrape or bruise or two. But with no serious injuries to the moose, and no major damage to the car… it’s a success.

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