Colorado Elk Hunter Loses His Sunglasses, Stumbles Across Them Days Later On The Trail Cam

Cow elk colorado

Trail cameras have become a way of life for many hunters looking to scout an area for activity.

They can tell the hunter when bucks and bulls return to scrapes, see how many animals are in an area, or keep an update on a specific animal they might be chasing.

Gathering this kind of specific intel saves a lot of time and footwork and helps to improve the odds of being successful during hunting season. A hunter may have his camera set up over a few food sources, and can tell when an animal switches from a hay field to forest meadow, or from crops to acorns, depending on where they’re hunting. 

Tim Gearhart was setting up his trail cameras deep in the Colorado backcountry when he lost his sunglasses.

When he went back a few days later to review the images, he came across a clue that would help him find where they disappeared.


The sunglasses’ arms probably aren’t as tasty as chewing cud, and not as nutritious either. However, the cow elk was nice enough to leave the sunglasses instead of wandering off or trying to wear them to look cool for the other elk.

Now, Tim will have a souvenir, and a fairly accurate time stamp of when the elk may be crossing the path of the trail cam during his hunting season. 


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