Big Ol’ Bear Raids The Cooler While Campers Watch From Their Tent

Big bear

Classic bear move, always willing to ruin a good picnic.

This is textbook camping things. Never leave your food out when camping in bear country.

Who am I kidding though? It’s easy to do.

You get to your camp site, wherever that may be, all excited to unpack, set up and relax. Maybe even crack open one or a few cold ones in the process. Next thing you know your elbow deep in the cooler and have a fire lit.

Just like that you fall asleep in your tent, leaving it all out in the open.

Yes, I’ve done this more than once.

Bears have nose that’s estimated to be 2,100 times better than humans… that means the juicy steak that smells so good cooking, they can smell it miles and miles away. And you best believe a bear will come miles for some food.

Their favorite thing the world is finding food and they seem to have a particularly fond interest in human food. I mean, there certainly aren’t mean barbequed meats, potato chips or chocolate in the wild.

These campers learned the old classic lesson as they laid right in their tent and watched in.

As they had a rest they got a video of a bear walking right up to their picnic table, flipping over their cooler and start eating all their camping food.

Risk of the trade, I guess.

These bears get smart and will stick to areas where they can get easy food too. So, watch out for them, especially if there are warnings in the area. You always gotta know what your getting into in bear country.

Hopefully, these campers aren’t on the menu next…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock