Vegans Lose Their Mind On Dude Eating Kebab Right In Front Of Them

vegans new york

The only thing that may be worse than your normal Karen, is your run-of-the-mill animal rights psycho vegan Karen.

And the worst part about them?

They tend to move in herds, so you get all of them at once.

Now I’m in no way hating on vegans, because I truly believe that everybody has a choice of what kind of food they decide to put in their body. And there sure is plenty of poor factory farming practices out there.

However, I can’t help but laugh at the ones who lose all sanity on people who choose to eat meat.

And the PETA people? Don’t get me started. Never forget when they lobbied to get the baseball term “Bullpen” changed to “Arm Barn” because it was offensive to bulls. I have to admit… Arm Barn? Great name… but offensive to bulls? Gimme a break.

And our latest example of psycho vegan Karens comes out of New York City, where animal rights activists were protesting outside of the Nike store, protesting their use of animals.

Lucky for us, not all heroes wear capes, and a dude in shades came strolling right up to the protestors from off the street, and chowed down on a fresh kebab he probably picked up from a local food cart. Just right in front of their faces…

And holy shit, a couple of the protestors went psycho billy ninja on the guy.

One clip shows a protestor screaming at the man:

“You’re a piece of sh*t and you’re embarrassing. What am I going to do? Nothing, you’re going to die on your own.'”

And the second Karen is the worst when, as she screams at the top of her lungs:

“‘You and your small d*** and your p**** way of killing animals and it feels good in front of the vegans, huh?’ You have all the blood on your face and on your hands. It feels good with your small d***.”

And sure enough, the man continues to eat away, unbothered by the woman child.


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