Megan Moroney To Release New Single, “Tennessee Orange” This Week

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Megan Moroney did not have a skip on her first EP Pistol Made of Roses.

Each song brought something different, and they were all incredible.

“Fix You Too” was heartbreaking. “He Made Me Do It” was that country women brand of angry. “I Love Me” is a self-confidence anthem.

Each song was out there tearing out my heart and putting it back together again.

So, when I saw on Instagram that we’re getting new music so soon, I was absolutely pumped.

We don’t know too much about the song except that it’s called “Tennessee Orange” and that it comes out this Friday 9/2.

Moroney has a short teaser on her Instagram, and the cover art for the single shows a blurry football stadium.

A Georgia native, she revealed that the song is about a moving to Nashville and meeting a lot of Tennessee boys:

“I’m a Georgia girl, born and raised in Georgia. I went to UGA and then I moved to Nashville. I met a lot of Tennessee boys, a lot of Tennessee Vols, and I had a crush on one of them and I wrote a song about it.”

One thing I’ve learned about Megan Moroney’s music is that she’s very good at creating songs with a focused message and emotion attached.

But she doesn’t go about creating or making the listener feel that emotion in a simple way.

Listen to “Hair Salon” and tell me you don’t feel that heartbreak of the singer but in a situation or setting you’ve never really thought about.

So, I’m very excited to see if I’m about to get my heart ripped out of chest or pieced back together again in this brand-new song.

Though, I’m already pretty certain that “Tennessee Orange” is going to be the first addition to my September playlist.

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