HBO’s ‘House Of The Dragon’ Uses The Same Theme Song As ‘Game Of Thrones’ & Fans Are PISSED

House of the dragon

Every Game of Thrones fan has been dying for the release of the show’s prequel series, House of the Dragon. 

The first episode dropped last week, and it left fans foaming at the mouth for more.

However, the second episode came with a bit of disappointment from the Game of Thrones faithful, as the show unveiled its opening credits for the first time yesterday…

And why are fans pissed?

Because House Of The Dragon uses the exact same opening song as Game Of Thrones.

Of course, House Of The Dragon takes place a solid 200 years before the events of “GOT,” so needless to say, it appears that fans wanted the new prequel series to have its own separate opening song.

Although the two series use the same song, the intro to “HOD” shows blood rushing through the streets of Old Valyria.

It was a badass episode, setting the stage for even more action and chaos in the episodes to come, but nevertheless, fans struggled to comprehend the same opening song choice, and took to Twitter to voice their opinions, both good and bad:

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