HBO Is Making A Documentary About Bishop Sycamore, The Fake High School That Duped ESPN Into Letting Them Play Football On Live TV

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This is the documentary we need.

If you don’t remember, exactly a year ago a high school called Bishop Sycamore out of Columbus, Ohio, squared off against the mighty IMG Academy on national television.

ESPN producers and announcers were told that Bishop Sycamore was a prep school for aspiring college football players, and claimed they had a number of players receiving division one offers and looks.

However, Bishop Sycamore lied about the whole thing. In fact, Bishop Sycamore wasn’t even a registered school in the state of Ohio, and ESPN discovered this in the middle of the game.

After Bishop Sycamore got blown out 58-0 by IMG, wild stories began to circulate about the fictional school in the following weeks.

A number of former players came forward, making claims that they never went to class, slept in hotels/houses until they were kicked out because their coaches were signing bad checks, had to resort to stealing food in order to eat, and one player even claimed that one of their coaches forced them to jump a homeless man for trying to break into his car.

Of course, none of these stories were ever officially confirmed, but all we know is that Bishop Sycamore basically did not exist, and it’s insane how they were able to dupe ESPN into letting them play on live TV without doing any background checks.

Although there’s still a lot of unknown about the school, it appears we’ll be getting those answers in the very near future, because HBO is doing a documentary on Bishop Sycamore, titled BS High.

HBO unveiled the teaser on social media, showing former Bishop Sycamore head coach Roy Johnson sitting down, getting ready for an interview.

In the teaser, he tells a bizarre story about how he was told to sit properly, and ends the video by saying:

“Do I look like a con artist?”

According to Deadline, the documentary was created by filmmakers Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe, who won Academy Awards last year for the live action short, Two Distant Strangers. 

It will be executive produced by Adam McKay and Todd Schulman from Hyperobject Industries, Michael Strahan and Constance Schwartz-Morini’s SMAC Entertainment, Jay Peterson, Todd Lubin and Jack Turner for Boat Rocker’s Matador Content, Alex Mather and Ankur Chawla for The Athletic, and Spencer Paysinger for Moore Street Productions.

There is no official release date at this time.

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