Fisherman Stunned To See A Big Ol’ Gator On The End Of His Line

gator fishing

That’s not exactly the target species, I’m sure.

But hell, I bet that thing would put up one hell of a fight being reeled in… you just might want to be careful trying to get it off the hook.

In all seriousness, these dinosaur-like creatures are unlike just about anything else in North America. They will eat just about anything they can and have the strongest bite force out of any animal around.

The strike fast and hard on their prey and often sneak up without even being noticed.

Nope, your perfect bass lure is not even remotely safe around these things. If they get the chance they will swallow it whole.

Let’s just hope its teeth will cut it immediately.

That didn’t happen for this guy who was out for a bass fish when a big ol’gator decided his lure looked tasty.

The video shows the tail of the alligator flopping. At first it seems like a massive fish, then you realize it ain’t no fish at all as the fisherman freaks out.

The gator starts to go for a good run as it fights the fishing line like it’s not ever there. The line breaks and the fisherman is rattled about the incident.

That will certainly spice up the afternoon of fishing a little bit.

Welcome to Florida, kid…

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A beer bottle on a dock