Chancellor Of NC State Joins American Aquarium To Shred A Telecaster During Performance Of “Wolves” At Packapalooza Festival

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Chancellor Woodson literally rocks…

Over the weekend, North Carolina based band American Aquarium headlined North Carolina State University’s annual Packapalooza festival, which is an all-day block party held on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh.

Frontman BJ Barham is an NC State alumni, and he noted during his set that he started his freshman year at the school 20 years ago this week, marking the beginning of what would be some of the best four years of his life:

“Four of the greatest years of your life… my freshman year was 20 years ago this week.We’re gonna get a special friend up here.

I call him Randy, you guys call him Chancellor Woodson. We’re gonna get him up here to play a song with us.

Not only can the man run the best university in the state of North Carolina, he can also play a mean telecaster guitar.”

Though as an Appalachian State alum, I’d have to beg to differ with BJ on dubbing NC State the “best university in the state of North Carolina,” but I don’t know of another chancellor who could shred a telecaster like Randy.

He joined the band for “Wolves,” the title track to their 2015 album.

NC State shared part of the performance on their Instagram, and I’ll give credit where it’s due here on the record, this is pretty damn cool:

“Chancellor Woodson 🤝 BJ Barham.

Iconic #Packpalooza moment tonight when Chancellor Randy Woodson joined @americanaquarium on stage to perform ‘Wolves.'”

Not a bad way to kick off the new school year… check it out:


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